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A couple of months ago (around the time of the iceberg lettuce ‘crisis’) the media picked up on reports about high levels of arsenic in rice and rice products. At the time I briefly assessed the information available and decided my method of cooking rice was sufficient and that my daughter was eating safe amounts of rice cakes. Then I forgot all about it until my Dad sent me an article from a local newspaper in Germany where the topic seems to be doing the rounds now. Re-reading articles like this one (source: BBC) make me wonder whether I am doing enough to protect myself and my family from unintentional consumption of arsenic. What do you do? Have you changed anything? Do you still eat rice, prepare/cook it differently?

I have heard about this but haven’t got round to reading anything about it so thank you for linking to the article.  We only eat rice once a week occasionally twice so I think we are probably at a low risk.  However I always rinse my rice and then soak it at least overnight usually longer and then rinse again before cooking.  It doesn’t mention rice flour which I know a few of my friends use a lot and I use occasionally, guess that is likely to have a lot in it…......

I recently started soaking the rice in water for an hour (i use the rice water for hair rinse and for plant growth!) I then cook the rice for eating in boiling water ( cooks a lot faster!) I wonder if this removes any of the arsenic prior to eating? We did chose to stop buying rice cakes when the article first surfaced to avoid any extra intake of arsenic, that was hard as we loved them! Xx

I hand’t heard about this so thanks for sharing the article smile I reckon that making sure you always rinse (or soak and rinse) the rice first and then pour boiling water over it after it’s cooked is probably a good way of minimising the risk. That’s what I do for the children and myself. I can’t bring myself to give up rice cakes, they are such a brilliant on-the-go healthy snack. I guess I might have to think about eating both rice and rice cakes a little less now though…

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