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I’m new here so I thought I will start with an introduction.

I’m Jane, I’m 28 and I have a small wonderful boy who is everything to me. I am also happily married to a vegan husband. I’m vegan as well. This is all you need to know about me for starters.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.


Hi Jane, welcome to the forum. There’s a wealth of information on here so if you’re looking for a particular answer to a question just click on the search tool (top right), or ask our wonderful community of course. Would really like to know what it’s like as a vegan family, our daughter is practically vegan but she doesn’t like many veg at the mo’ (fussy teen :-D). What sort of things do you eat for evening meals?

Hi Jane!  Welcome to the forum, I hope you feel at home here.

It is quite easy if you make proper adjustments. There are a lot of vegan substitutes for ordinary products - cheese for instance. It takes a little more time to prepare the meals, as there are many things you need to prepare from scratch (like sunflower seeds cream), but if you get used to the routine and organize your kitchen working space it gets way easier.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8vDIB_lXNU this is one of my favorite recipes : )

Hi Jane, we are dairy and egg free, gluten free but eat a small amount of meat. My son is allergic to dairy and eggs and I’m coeliac, he’s also allergic to many other things but they don’t impact us too much. I have experimented with different cheeses, nothing is the same obviously but I like almond ricotta!

Hi, I don’t mind trying alternatives occasionally but I’ve never wanted to try vegan cheese, however almond ricotta sounds nice but I’ve never seen it in the uk, maybe I could make my own?

I’m about to have a baby and wondering about organic formula milk options that don’t contain animal products. Is there such a thing? Would love some advice. Do plan to breastfeed but need a back up just in case it doesn’t go to plan.


Hi Yasmeen, here is a link which might be useful: http://urbanvegan.net/baby-formula/

Hi, I’m new to the forum. My husband and I have a three year old daughter and we are all vegan. Even our dog is vegan smile

Wow, never heard of a vegan dog before, do you buy the food or make it yourself?

We buy it. He’s a Jack Russell. He used to throw his food back up a lot and often have a funny belly but he’s much better on the food he has now smile

beansontoast - 21 May 2017 08:24 PM

We buy it. He’s a Jack Russell. He used to throw his food back up a lot and often have a funny belly but he’s much better on the food he has now smile

That’s very inetersting, which brand do you buy & where from?

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

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