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Hello Green Gardeners! Our lovely veggie patch is getting some unwanted visitors this year, we have what i would class as way too many white flies and red mites spreading themselves, i have been using a mixture of 2 drops of dish soap with 4 drops of tea tree oil in 1l of water and spraying the plants that are worst affected but this does not seam to be working for us, does anyone have any good recipies for a diy natural repellent? Thank you! (PS, we have our first ripe strawberry! )

Garlic oil is meant to be good and totally natural -  you can make it yourself with minced cloves of garlic that you steep in oil overnight then drain and mix (the oil) with water and (I think) a little dish soap (to make it stick to your plants). I don’t think it would make your strawberries garlicky! Good luck! x

Thank you so much for the tip, i will be mincing garlic and making some oil to dilute!!! The white fly is everywhere! Do you know garlic oil to water ratios? My garden is gonna smell delicious xxx

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