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Morning everyone,

Sooooo…...I’m 14 weeks pregnant with my second child! I am beyond happy and so is my partner and 10 year old son! I really want to raise this baby in as ‘green’ a way as possible and I think one of the main ways is to use reusable nappies. I didn’t do this with my son as it really wasn’t as popular as it is now 10 years ago but it makes me cringe to think how many nappies I must have put in landfill. My question is…..where do I start? Which nappy companies have people used/liked please? Can anyone recommend any good websites/books etc that can help? I’m currently reading ‘The Natural Baby’ which I love but I really need specific advice re nappies. 

Many thanks for any help x

Hello, and congratulations on your pregnancy! I felt the same about disposable nappies and also discovered the smell of a disposable nappy made me feel quite nauseous, so we very swiftly changed to reusable nappies. For me, the best website is The Nappy Lady. For advice, demonstration videos, detailed information and great products including wipes.

We started out with a bundle of second hand Bumgenius Freetime nappies  which we bought from a friend and then added a few more once we realised we had found the perfect nappy for our daughter. We used these during the day adding boosters as we went along and absolutely loved them. They grew with our daughter from 8 weeks until just over 2 years when she decided it was time for potty training. At which point I quickly visited the Nappy Lady website again to order trainer pants (Bright Bots).

For night time we used Motherease airflow wraps and Tots Bots inserts (with bamboo boosters as required), the latter we got second hand from a friend, they aren’t available new anymore, but you may be able to find them on ebay.

I hope this helps for starters.

Congratulations! And great reading choice! Here’s a starter’s guide to real nappies -

I’ve come to the conclusion that Modern ClothNappies are now getting so complicated and involved, and so many of them have to be the right fit etc for you baby, tat actually it’s become a minefield. Traditional terry squares are actually a lot LESS complicated than modern cloth nappies IMO. There ALWAYS fit, wash well, dry quickly and need no complicated boosters or inserts. Just plain straightforward nappies which are economic and work more efficiently than any MCN I’ve come across. You can now get terry squares in different sizes and 50cm squares are perfect for the first few months. And if you get 100% bamboo loop terry, they are also really slim fitting. Folding them is really not hard, and it takes less than 5 minutes of practise to master the art. 

Here’s a video

I offer Wool Nappy Cover trials. - Proven best European nappies at guaranteed best prices! - Personal bespoke free advisory site for cloth nappy users - start a Q&A session!

Thank you so much for the replies. It’s great to have a starting point xx

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