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i was wondering if anyone knew of and good organic/sustainable online clothing stores for children of 8 years and over. The ones that I seem to find are very ‘loud’ in colour. I love the website mama owl and always find great stuff for my youngest, but it’s incredibly hard to find stuff for my older child. Any help would be great

Hi Sarah, 

I did some research on this for a feature earlier this year and, I agree, there’s not a lot to choose from! 

However, Cambridge Baby has some nice, subtle stuff for 6 years and over and older teenagers will probably like the H&M Conscious range 

Thank you so much for this. I had no idea that H&M did a conscious range.
Such a shame there isn’t more websites. my older son has really bad excema , so I like to look for products that won’t irritate his skin, including clothing.

There’s also some nice stuff at Little mooshoo  and I love Boys&Girls; – they’re in the upcoming issue of The Green Parent too! 

Hey sarahbrown2012, not sure if this thread is still active but I love that you are wanting to shop organic/sustainable! I truly feel this is the way forward.

There are actually companies out there that are producing ethical, organic and vegan clothing but just need searching for. If you’re still looking you can try I recently bought some shoes for myself in an effort to do my little bit for the world.

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