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Hey there Green Gardeners! we have been watering using a mixture of hose and watering cans with water that we manage to collect from rain and from hose water that we have left to sit for a while to get rid off any nasties that might lurk in the pipes (we have very high ph water 7/8 and high chlorine and bleach content though it is ment to be good enough to drink…we dont…) and we have just set up a small irrigation system but I am not sure how to use this efficiently, how long do you leave your irrigation on for? Do you see a benefit in doing it this way or do you prefer hose/can? 

I live in a very wet place so the only watering I need to do on a regular basis is in my polytunnel.  We have a timer on the watering system in there for when we go away, otherwise it depends how hot it has been as to how often I do it.  Usually once or twice a day first and last thing.  All our watering is done with rain water we have three tanks for collecting it, which we then pump (using solar powered pump of course) to fill a 1,000 litre tank.  We rarely run out!  We have hoses all down the garden from the large tank, for those times when the garden itself needs a water, so the pressure is not great as it is gravity fed but it does the job.  I am married to a plumber can you tell….....

What an awesome set up!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your method, we will just have to test it and see what works best, we need to water daily here, from April to October, we put some shading up to protect the plants from the sun and stop the water from evaporating this year, hope it works and allows the irrigation to reach the roots.

Great idea!

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