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Hello there.

I generally have an interest in home made stuff like natural deodorants and soaps. I’ve been making them myself for a little over 1 year now. I recently discovered some recipes for home-made creams an balms based on beeswax. Peculiarly one caught my attention. It is a moisturizing Vitamin E cream based on natural beeswax.

My question is where can I get good quality, natural beeswax? I already did some research online and checked out some websites classified adds like, but I simply can’t find the right thing. Can you recommend some trusted resources?

Oh, if anybody is interested, here is the recipe. You need the following things:
* 4 oz. sweet almond oil
* 1 oz. natural beeswax 
* 2 oz. water 
* 10 drops Vitamin E oil
* 10 drops lavender essential oil

Melt the oil and the wax in a double boiler. Then remove from heat, add water, and stir thoroughly. Afterwards just add the Vitamin E and essential oil and stir continuously until cool.
After you have added the essential oil and the cream is still warm enough to pour, carefully pour it into small jars or metal tins

This cream is very moisturizing and nice for rough, dry, or chapped complexions and should help promote healthy looking skin.

I would like to get started, but I just need some good natural beeswax. So any feedback is highly appreciated.


I buy mine from here.  It is definitely 100% beeswax!

Thanks for that link sustainablemum.

You’re welcome!  Hope it is what you are looking for.

You can buy it in Neal’s Yard Remedies

I tend to buy from Mother Nature’s Goodies, they have a website here but are also on ebay grin 

Thank you, Emily, for the recipe. I gotta try this one today :D

Hi Emily! Love your recipe. You can also get Beeswax from here They sell all of the other ingredients you’re using too grin

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