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Hey all! There are elderflowers galore out round our way (Hastings) at the moment. This year’s flowers seem lusher than ever. We’ve already made cordial - do any of you have any other favourite recipes we can try? 

Hi Kate, here are some recipes from a post on TGP. We haven’t got any flowers yet :-(

Thanks! Isn’t it crazy that they haven’t come out there? We’re only thirty miles apart. Maybe it’s the Hastings microclimate (I wish!)

Hi Kate, I love elderflowers! They’re all over the place here too in the Chilterns, we’re all living in our own micro-climates:)

I have completely idyllic memories of cycling around the Stroud valleys as a teenager collecting them - loads of people would pay £5 for a bucket for them to then make wine! Riverford have a nice recipe, as they describe it, rough and ready, but quite fun to try - have a look xx

Thanks Imogen – that looks delicious! Let’s hope it doesn’t go pop and cover my larder in stickiness (it’s happened before!)

I bought dried elderflowers to drink as a tea from Neal’s Yard Remedies after my first son was born, they were recommended to me by a consultant working there to fight colds. I’m going to pick some this year to dry myself. I’ve also heard elderflowers dipped in tempura batter and fried are very good!

Ooh that sounds nice, I’ll ask the local chippy if he’ll add it to his menu :-D

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