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I’m new to the forum.

My husband and I have a three year old daughter and we are all vegan. Our dog is vegan too, he does better on a plant based diet than he did on a meat and fish diet, he used to throw his food back up a lot! 

We are intending to home educate our daughter and it would be great to chat to any other home educators or any other vegan families out there.

Thanks for reading! 

Welcome to the forum beansontoast, we have a Home Ed section here where you’ll find lots of info.

Hi!  Welcome to the Forum smile. I have home educated my children for all of their lives (12 & 8).  It is a way of life for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  After years of paid employment (my first child was born when I was in my mid thirties) I was worried that it would not be fulfilling enough.  How wrong I was.  I love my life now, it is hard work but so, so rewarding. 

It’s beauty is its flexibility.  No two families will do it the same way, you can completely tailor what you do for each child.  I don’t have the same approach for both my children as they learn in completely different ways.  I am constantly changing this.  It keeps me on my toes but in the best possible way.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please do ask!

Hi we are a vegan family

There is a vegan parent’s groups directory here:  You can find links to local vegan parents groups around the UK, as well as a vegan home education group.

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