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Hi ladies ! 
I’m 33 weeks pregnant and looking into aromatherapy for childbirth however I’m a bit of a novice

Hi Sati, Here’s an article from my aromatherapist sister, which tells you how to create your own labour kit! Wishing you a beautiful birth xx

Hi Melissa, thank you for your quick reply..  that link is what I read to choose my oils, however I dont know if I’m just having a baby brain moment but I don’t understand how you would use them all together? As it tells you to use them in diffusers, so would you mix the oils together and put them in the diffuser or use them in the diffuser separately at different times ? Xx

Hi Sati,

I’m still in the early stages of my pregnancy but I will also be wanting to know about this nearer the end. I am a qualified Aromatherapist but I haven’t done an Aromatherapy course on pregnancy and childbirth. Would you be able to contact a local therapist who has done this extra training for advice? They may be able to make up a personal blend for you. In terms of using essential oils in a diffuser during labour I will be using lavender for relaxation and frankincense to deepen my breathing. I would recommend 3 drops max of each to keep it fairly subtle. I really love sweet orange too which is really sunny and positive. I contacted Base Formula to see what they would recommend and they suggested the following:-

30ml sweet almond oil with 4 drops lavender, 1 drop clary sage and 1 drop jasmine. As clary sage is very strong they recommend making up one bottle with just lavender and jasmine and then another with all three oils so that you have a choice. They do say that you can go up to a 5% dilution which would mean 30ml sweet almond oil, 20 drops lavender, 5 drops clary sage and 5 drops jasmine. However, this is VERY strong and I would be more inclined to stick to the lower dilution that I first mentioned.

I have also contacted the Robert Tisserand Essential Training for a blend so if they reply I will let you know. You can buy some pre-blended oils online for childbirth but I think it’s safer and more fun to make your own. A lot of places sell jasmine which has been pre-blended with a carrier oil to make it cheaper to buy so make sure you buy a pure essential oil (Jasmine Absolute) from somewhere like Base Formula or Tisserand. If you do buy the cheaper version then 1 drop of Jasmine would equal 20 drops of the pre-blended Jasmine.

Hope this helps!!


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