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I’m Nina - Mum to a little one who is 13 months. I am mainly posting because I am desperate for some help with sleep. He easily wakes up every two hours all night. Sometimes a breast-feed will settle him, sometimes he just wants to have a good cry and may or may not settle back down after singing, rocking etc. He goes to sleep in his cot but we bring him in bed with us when he wakes. However, I wonder if that might be part of the reason he is waking so often? Who knows?! Anyway, would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences or any ideas that might help get a bit more sleep. Thanks!

The ‘No Cry Sleep Solution’ book is worth reading, hope it helps x

My eldest did the same even though we co slept, he was always active at night in the womb and I am sure it carries on. Could he be hungry for more solids?

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Does he sleep once he’s in bed with you? Or does it continue? Not sure how you feel about permanent co-sleeping but we did what you do with my first two children who continued to do this until they were 5yrs old (both of them). It began with crying in the night but as they got older and went into a bed they would just wander in to our room and climb in. Unfortunately I’m rubbish if I’ve been disturbed in the night and can’t get back to sleep so when our third child came along we decided to co-sleep. He is now 5 and still in my bed but I am more than happy with that and we have all slept all night since he was a tiny baby. I think it will totally depend on how you feel though as I think if you decide to co-sleep be prepared to be in it for the long haul. My friend’s son only moved out of her bed at age 10 and even now at 12 when he’s worrying about something he comes in with her. (She’s a single mum so it’s easier in the sense of he’s not kicking out a partner!) xx

Thanks for these ideas. Unfortunately he doesn’t settle when in bed with us - if he did we’d be very happy with co-sleeping but unfortunately even being tucked in with Mum and Dad does not help. I think he is just a very active and unsettled sleeper.

It is still really normal for babies this age to be waking in the night! If you are on facebook the milk meg is a great resource.

However if he is frequently crying in the night and not either settled with a feed or awake and playing this suggests that something is going on. I assume you are checking things like is he too hot or cold, but could it be something else? Reflux (doesn’t need to be sick) and ear ache can both be worse in little ones at night when lying down and if not treated can be ongoing for long periods.

heyy read this article sound useful

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Thanks for all the help and ideas. He is sleeping in his cot at the moment and much more settled which is a surprise but I am not complaining! There are definitely times when in cries in his sleep and then settles back down in minutes - I guess dreams or something but I often expect to find him wide awake in his cot and he’s fast asleep. Still wakes once for a feed in the night and then is up for the day at 5am! But, it’s a nice quiet time for cuddles and a little play.

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