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I have a big problem and I do not know how to fix it. My daughter is usingour tablet all the time. She is searching for educational videos on YouTube (I
know this because I’m checking YouTube history all the time ). She has also
started to learn Spanish! But she doesn’t want to go in our garden or play with
other girls. Please give me some advices how can get her to spend more time

Wow, she’s learning a new language and looking at educational videos, she obviously has a thirst for knowledge which I think is pretty awesome, my kids just watch bloggers and tv shows on our iPad :-(  Can she download some videos and take the ipad into the garden or park, then she might want to start playing when she sees the fun her friend are having?

My children would happily sit glued to the screen all day long!

But I find that as soon as I take them out (for example to our allotment which is a 5 minute walk from our house or for a dog walk) and they’ve enjoyed time outside in nature, they instantly want to continue that when we get back home and so play in the garden (whatever the weather).

Maybe you could try doing some fun things outside together with other girls to help her connect with being outside - make a bug home, find little creatures to live in it, or collect interesting stones, twigs, leaves etc. and create a pattern or mosaic?

And I agree her self-led research and education on the screen is pretty impressive smile

Thanks for the advice. I heard that there are some apps that help parents set screen time limits. Have you tried them? Do you think we should try an app for her?

Hi all I just wanted to share my advice with you. We found an app called Soanjo and now we can limit her screen time on our tablet. We pay only $1.99 per mouth!!!! I know that technology and everything that my daughter does on our tablet is educational, but I also think that she needs to spend time outdoor in order to socialize with other kids. For this reason I truly recommend Soanjo app.

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