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I live in a very hard water area and things like the kettle get limescale a lot and really quickly. I know you can buy descaler products from hardware shops and supermarkets but the smell of them is terrifying and I dread to think what the health consequences are of using such products (even if you rinse after use carefully). 

Does anyone have any ideas for more natural ways to descale kettles etc. 



I scrape off the larger bits (carefully not to damage the kettle), and use white vinegar for the residue, leave it in the kettle for a few hours (or over night) then rinse thoroughly. I would think lemon juice might work too? anything acidic should dissolve the limescale grin

Would it be worth looking into a water filter?  That is what my parents have, they live in a hard water area too.  They filter all their water before putting it into the kettle it has made a huge difference.  They started off with a jug type one, but now have a special filtered water tap in their kitchen.

Hi Green Parents,

Have you heard of Ecozone? We’re friends of The Green Parent.

We offer natural ingredient based products for as many purposes as we’ve been able to create so far. We have a large descaling range for problems such as those discussed by all the parents in the forum.

You can head over to our website and take a look. From kettle & iron descalers (a plus side is ours is free from any toxins and nasty smells), all the way to longer term water softening solutions for your washing machine & dishwasher.

Our “about us” page, will tell you a bit more info on who we are as a company and what we offer all round. You can always contact us should you have any questions.

Much wishes as always,

Ecozone via The Green Parent

Best wishes,


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