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Hi everyone.
I wonder what your views are on these?  I am sifting through internet info but it is all so foggy and obviously subjective.  I am wondering if anyone has any opinions on how potentially dangerous overhead electricity wires coming from a transformer hub actually are?
We have found a little piece of land we would love to buy to use to take the children into the woods, let the dogs run etc and all that but the land has three lots of overhead electric cables running from a transformer station presumably to properties eventually…so now I am conflicted.  My instinct says avoid avoid but my head is actually wondering whether my fears are justified and whether the benefits of having our own .25 acre to simply hang out in outweigh my perceived risks.  Is it, for example, better than being cooped up at home watching dvds and being blasted by all the neightbours’ wifi 24/7???
Honest opinions please!!! (it is not the big pylons, the wooden posts with three wires coming off them but three lots…so nine lines in total)

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