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Hi everyone, I’m expecting baby no.3 in 4 weeks and my husband and I have decided that this time we will not buy a pushchair and carry instead, mainly because it leaves me with two hands free for my boys! They are 6 and almost 4 so generally I won’t need to carry much for them. What backpacks do you use…. I’m totally baffled by the choice!!



I found a pattern online for an OnBag (this was a few years ago) so it’s taken some hunting to track it down but here’s the link:
I asked my mum to make it for me as Christmas present and used it for both my children and afterwards too. It ties as a shoulder bag comfortably around the sling and can be work as a back pack too. Choose sturdy fabric (mine was a thick black cotton on the outside but rainbow dragons inside!).
You might find other ideas here too:
Apologies that they’re such old posts - my youngest boy is 5 now so I haven’t carried him recently.
Good luck!

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