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Hi everyone. My eldest is 13 and knows the basics of puberty, but now he is going through it I want to get him a book that he can read and may stimulate discussion, or answer any questions for him.  Can you recommend a book that is full of facts, but fun and interesting too?  Many thanks! X



Hi Cornishmama, I’ve just been investigating this too for my 11-year-old boy. These are a couple of recommendations I’ve had from friends who I’ve asked (whose opinion I trust) although I haven’t read them yet. I hope they might be useful, your post has encouraged me to get hold of them myself!

yes, would recommend that first link, we got that one.

My 12 year old ds is currently reading an old Usborne book that I found in a charity shop, Understanding the Facts of Life.  It is two books in one, Growing Up and Babies.  The first of which I see is still available.

It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health, by Robie H. Harris

Recommended by a friend, but must admit I’ve not tried it yet. My little one’s aren’t there yet!


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What’s Happening to Me? An Illustrated Guide to Puberty by Peter Mayle

Just spoke to her, and she said this one too. (Again I can’t personally vouch for it.)

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