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I know this a fairly controversial debate and I’m really not interested in ‘the debate’ itself as opinions can be so extreme one way or the other (however I will say, Im shocked at how aggressive health professionals are, when you dare to ask for more information on vaccinations or if you question the schedule)!  I will point out, in principle, Im not opposed to vaccinations, but I do question their use in EVERY child and the amount they give in one session.  I also have a serious trust issue - what are they putting in this vaccines and would there be more scrutiny/rigorous checking if there weren’t profit to be made??  

MY question however is - Does anyone happens to know where we as a family could avail of single jabs in Ireland or Northern Ireland for our child?   

Totally agree. Good for you. I would also like to ask the same question but in sw England. And is it possible to get tetanus as a single? Thank you.

Babyjabs in London offer single vaccinations

Wow that’s great. Thank u v much

Hi there,

Following on, does anyone know of single jabs being offered in Suffolk/Essex area?


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