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Excuse me for ‘advertising’ here but we have a new Design Centre at our site in Shebbear, West Devon. We are keen to offer it for use for meetings and events to environmental groups, at little or no cost.

You can see it at our website:

It is a lovely space, built largely using naturaland sustainable  insulation products and natural paints.

If you have a meeting or event, we would be happy to provide the space for your use.

Equally, if you want a group visit to hear about our natural paint range (including vegan paint), the health and environmental benefits of breathing buildings, the Building Biology Association or a natural paint workshop day, please contact us.

You can contact me, Peter through our website email or on 01409 281644.

Again, sorry to advertise here but I hope it is of interest to someone!

Hi Peter,
Do you have a photo of your event space, please?

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