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Okay - I really need advice.  What cookware do you use for making hot food for your baby?  I would like to steam vegetables etc but electric steamers are mostly plastic, so I’ve thought about purchasing a glass steamer to go over a pot, then comes the question, what pot?  Stainless steel, cast iron, enamel?  There are pros and cons re all regarding the safety of their use for babies and infants.  What are you using?  

Easiest is just a stainless steel steaming basket (you can get the collapsible type that fits any pan) in a regular pan on the hob, then chop/mash/puree after cooking. Then I’d freeze in small portions or cubes.

I agree with Moggy, I always steamed everything in stainless steel simple colander-type steamers then froze in ice cube trays, then stored in batches in freezer bags so you can just take out a few cubes at a time as you need them for a perfect baby meal. And you can mix and match if you have lots of different cubes, my first baby liked apple and carrot together. Good luck!

I too used a metal steamer that sat on a normal pan.  I have a set like this one which I have had for years (long before my children) and still use loads now.

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