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We have been having so much fun picking blackberries - they are crazy early this summer in Buckinghamshire. Apart from just eating them straight away and mixing them with yoghurt or icecream for a yummy (and pretty and swirly) pudding does anyone have any fun recipes for them I could try with the children (we’ve done jam already)? Thanks! x 

Why don’t you try an apple and blackberry crumble? The children will enjoy making the crumble topping with their hands. Delicious on its own or served with custard or cream (or both!). Yummy.

Blackberry and apple fruit leather is our favorite- it turns out really dark, almost black, and goes down really well here.

you can also freeze or bottle them for later in the year. Blackberry Gin for you? (not the kids!)

crumble or cobbler?

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