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Over the school holidays we tend to have a lot more indoor days as we have got used to the quietness of places and so we tend to hibernate a bit. But this summer we’re all feeling a bit bored with it. We’re seeing schooled friends but we’re having at least 3 days a week indoors at the moment as no one wants to face the crowds in anywhere we might normally go. My older two are ok (12 and 14) because they take themselves out to see their friends etc but my 5yr old and I are getting cabin fever! We play board games sometimes, we bake sometimes, we do craft bits sometimes or watch films etc, but I’m feeling it’s all a bit samey and he’s obviously a bit bored as he often rolls around the floor telling me so!

What sort of things do you do on a normal week (at either term time or school holidays - are yours different??)


So, I thought with us taking a bit of a break from more structured learning and most of our home ed groups not running over the summer, we would have lots of endless days at home doing different stuff.  We too live in a really touristy area and tend to hibernate at this time of year. 

But I feel as busy as ever and am actively having to make sure we still have those all important days at home!  Sorry that is probably not much help to you.  But one thing our weeks are full of is play dates, does he have any little friends who could come over and play?

When we are at home we too have been playing loads of board games especially ones that we haven’t played in ages.  We had got a jigsaw out at the weekend and had many happy hours completing it (1000 pieces wink)

One thing that was not planned but has filled many a happy hour is a sheep fleece, actually make that lamb.  I was given it for free about five years ago and it has sat languishing in the garage, along with two others for all that time.  I needed some more stuffing for a knitted toy I was making so I got one out and washed it.  Then I decided that it would be fun to card it, so we bought some carders and it has now all been carded.  Next we are going to make some drop spindles and have a go at spinning.  Once we have tried that we thought we would have a go at dyeing the wool.  Then we will weave with it or knit.  It could be months before we get to that stage.  I have learnt so much and so have the children.  Totally unplanned but really successful.  I am not for one minute suggesting you go out and get a sheep fleece but more that sometimes projects can come from the most unexpected places!

Thank you sustainable mum, that sounds lovely!! This week is better in that we’ve had two play dates, visited a EH site locally that strangely we’ve never been to before and done various things at home so maybe we just had a blip day! Anyone else want to add to this thread I’m always interested in what others do as part of their day. xx

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