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Has anyone read this story, what does anyone know about the ‘Cocoa Life’ label and why should we trust it? The Fairtrade mark has been around a long time and I always trust it when buying chocolate or bananas, knowing that workers are being paid fairly. Is this big business trying to dodge their responsibilities by creating their own ‘fair payment system’?

I personally don’t buy chocolate but I have noted that the fair trade mark is disappearing from many items not just this.  I worry that some of the replacements are not independent and are owned by the company that is marketing them, that is not a good thing in my book.

I agree I always trust Fairtrade and it is a shame to see companies moving away from it. Sainsbury’s have done something similar with their tea. There is a campaign here: to try and persuade them to change back.

Many thanks for the link Nina grin

Thank you too Nina.  I had not thought to look for a petition, I have signed it.

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