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I have the woodland lodge and it’s gorgeous, but can’t work out how the spiral staircase fits? Specifically there’s a piece with an extra dowel sticking out the side that doesn’t seem to go. Can anyone help?

Hi Beck!
I want to help but don’t know if I can!
Our woodland lodge is packed away just now but from memory the sticking out dowel is on the lowest level (one up from the floor) and has the drawbridge steps that pull up, on it. The spiral steps - do you mean the linked log slices that can be snaked? Or the look out at the top? When I got stuck I used the stock photos from the website and also other online photos that others had uploaded, as a guide! Hope that helps in some way! Claire


Loving the parenting ride!

“When I want to understand someone swiftly, I need only look at their bookshelf.” from R. Bach’s Bridge Across Forever.

The log slices - most of them have just one dowel that links them together, but one has an extra dowel sticking out and I can’t work out where it goes?

Thank for your help.

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