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My daughter still regularly wets the bed at six years old (at least three times a week). She’s starting to feel embarrassed and awkward about it. I’ve tried an alarm (she sleeps through it), getting her up three times a night to use the toilet, and not giving her too much to drink before bedtime. Any other ideas? We have an appointment with the incontinence team at the hospital pending, but I really don’t want her to go onto any kind of medication. 

There are lots of things to try before medication is considered. You’re seeing the right people. Really 6 is still young and I know much older children who still regularly wet at night- that doesn’t help you, I know, but it is not rare, it is quite common for 6-7 year olds in my experience. I hope your appointment goes well x

I agree, it is fairly normal. My little boy is 5.5 and he still (as he calls it) gets sweaty a couple of times a week. I’m not too ruffled about it as I feel he will manage it and I will keep an eye on prob doesn’t help but your not on your own.

I (so I am told by my mum) was still wearing nappies at six, at night.  I was seven before I was dry at night.  I was a very heavy sleeper and she was led to believe by the doctors that there was a possible link between that and your body waking you up if you need a wee.

Maybe you could try to give her less drink before going to sleep. Or also if the alarm doesn’t work, you could wake her up regularly during the night, take her out to the toilet. So she will get used to waking up if she needs to wee

Thanks! Yes, are taking her at 9 and 11, but it still happens. Actually, in the last month the times she’s been wet have dramatically dropped off, so perhaps as she gets bigger, so her bladder is growing, and she’s not finding it as tricky to stay dry. I’m not too bothered about it, and have never made it an issue, but was just concerned about when she has sleepovers and so on, which I’m sure are just around the corner. Thanks so much for all your input - really helpful, and brilliant to know we’re not alone.

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