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Howdy, I am new to this forum. My dear daughter who is 3-year old was stung by a wasp last day. Before she had been bitten by some insects and it was quite normal. But this time it seems to be worse than usual. She was stung on the stomach. It happened yesterday but still, swelling is there. Also, the area around her stomach is getting redder. She keeps crying and doesn’t want to get up from the bed. My hubby gave her polar amine at the moment it happened and I tried putting ice on it. But everything went vain. What should be done to stop swelling?

There is a wasp colony in the tree just in front of our house. Please let me know some measures for its permanent removal. Should I hire a power pest control service? Looking forward to your kind replies and thanks in advance for any help.

Before I answer what is polar amine I have never come across that before?

Polaramine(Dexchlorpheniramine) is an antihistamine used to treat itching, hives, rashes and other symptoms of allergies. Hope it is clear. There is a red mark around her stomach even now.

Ah, ok.  I would expect it to be red for a few days.  A wasp sting is a nasty thing and providing she is well in every other way I would not be worried about the redness.  If it becomes more swollen as time goes on or she appears to be unwell I would be worried but otherwise I would let nature take its course.

Hoping your daughter is much better by now? It sounded horrid. Thinking about the wasps’ nest itself, despite their stinging habit, wasps are still valuable to our ecosystem and I wonder whether your council’s website would have a link for reporting bees/wasps nest for safe removal. Sometimes councils offer a free service like this. Best of luck!


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Dear Claire,
I’m curious to learn how wasps are valuable to our ecosystem.

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