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I have 2 children at school and would like to home school them instead but would mean giving up work plus I have no idea where to start, thinking of de-registering them for Christmas or half term.

Both seem happy at school so am I wrong in wanting to home school? I just have had enough with regimented learning etc… And dealing with friendship dramas,peer pressure and not seeming to learn any life skills other than how to answer back, argue.
What if I fail?
I have messaged on here before and for some help so I joined our local fb page but in honesty it’s not been much help with regards to groups, advice etc…...
Sorry for bugging you guys again but I would like to make informed decisions as its a big thing that just keeps churning round and round, Thankyou.

Hi Weetabix,
You are right it is a big decision. I have answered the points you raised here.
You say you would need to give up work in order to home educate your children. Are you a single parent or do you have the support of a partner?
Some parents share both the educational duties and the earning money duties and find that works great.
Other parents run a home based business alongside educating their offspring.

In the UK it’s very easy to deregister your child from school. You can do this at any time. It does not have to coincide with any term dates. You also do not have to give a reason. All you do it send/give a written letter to the head teacher stating that from a certain date you will be educating your children at home.

Your children both seem happy but it could be that they don’t know what the alternative is and could be happier with more freedom.

What if you fail? This depends on your criteria of failure. If you and your children find that it’s not the best path for you or them, then you can always enrol them in school again.

If your local FB group is not helpful, you could join the national and international FB groups. You can use the phrase ‘home education’ as that is what the British call home schooling.

I also recommend reading John Holt’s books. I also recommend Ross Mountney. She has written books and has a very comprehensive blog. I highly recommend you sign up to her blog. She writes like a friend talking to you. Very comforting.
This is her FB page.
This is a home educating mum/public figure, Nadia Sawalha.

Sarah, in Australia, talks about unschooling on her blog, which in the UK is called autonomous education.

Most people in the UK do a blend of structured and autonomous learning.

Here is another great blog from down under. Kate has a more structured approach because, being on the spectrum, her son needs that.

Here is a useful FB group you can join

This site gives general information re home ed and it has a comprehensive section on local groups contacts, not just FB but yahoo email groups too.

Mike Wood is a home ed dad with a comprehensive site

It’s good to read Peter Gray’s articles to remind you why you want to educate at home,

I hope this helps.

By the way, I am sadly, not a home ed parent. I am a former teacher, who now tutors privately and am a great advocate for home ed.
warm wishes

Very helpful Thankyou, I will look into the groups etc….. Have met a few mums who home ed and they are lovely. To be honest I did send the de-reg email Tuesday night but it brought on a massive panic attack as I realised I, personally, need to make financial arrangements first and this side of Christmas is not good for us. My dh works long hours and with my wages we can manage but without it will be tough so I need to get organised make cut backs etc…. So we have decided January and thus also gives us time to get resources enroll in clubs etc…. Thankyou for taking the time to help, much appreciated.

Making a decisoon and a concrete plan is a good. Did that stop the panic attack?
I have found that YNAB (you need a budget) is an excellent tool to help to focus spending on what is important rather than squandering money.

I am glad to hear that you have a plan in place that will work for you.  Sorry I didn’t respond before I was in the middle of a really busy time when I read your post.  One thing I was going to say was that many home ed groups go quiet over the summer as many people are away/take a break or use the time to catch up with school friends.  I hope you find the groups a bit more repsonsive now that Autumn is well on its way!

I have been home educating for eight years, I still have wobbles (as I call my worries) now and then.  That is what makes us good parents as we care about our children.

Nothing that you decide now has to be forever, if it doesn’t work out then you can always rethink your plan and try something else, just don’t give up as everything will be ok smile

Hello! I agree with sustainablemum, the home ed community goes very quiet around here too over the summer, we live in a tourist spot so it becomes extremely busy and we all take a little hibernation break! So I do hope you get to meet some home educators now who are local to you, they are the best support you will have. Keep an eye out on local boards to get a feel for what goes on in your area and what opportunities there are. Here, there is so much going on we have had to start being selective!

In terms of the financial side of things, home education can be as inexpensive or costly as you want it to be. Some people are members of lots of clubs and classes and with most carrying a fee, even a couple of pounds per child, that can soon add up. We are on a pretty tight budget and are creative about where we spend our money, and put a lot of thought into whether we really need to sign up for things before we do. DH is an artist so we are very lucky in having him as our source of inspiration, but pinterest can provide a wealth of ideas for any subject you care to type into the search box! We get National Trust membership as a christmas gift and use it endlessly, for events they hold or just a nice place to meet with friends. DS enjoys being outside so the meet ups we go to tend to be those that are in the park or outdoor adventure playground and therefore tend to be free. We pack a picnic wherever we go and make sure we have plenty of drinks/snacks/spare clothes for muddy play and we spend very little during the week this way. We use the library excessively! We have netflix account and use youtube for watching documentaries. We cook from scratch and DS is a whizz in the kitchen because of it. The great thing is home education can look however you want it to, if you can think creatively, outside the box, then you will be fine xx

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