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Anyone know of any good alternatives to paper party invitations?  You know - for birthday parties?

We’re making a big effort this year to use as little paper as possible - recycle as much as possible - and teach our children why along the way. With a birthday coming up we really want to send out the invitations soon, but want to stay away from paper - maybe try an online service.

We’ve seen invitations from Paperless Post but don’t really feel they capture the excitement - any recommendations would be really appreciated!

All the best,


Hi James, I personally don’t think paper invitations are a huge problem (unless you’re sending out thousands!), you can use recycled paper and it’s nice to receive something in the post in our digitised world. The biggest problem with party wastage is goody bags so I’d be interested to know what ideas you have had to make those sustainable?

Hi Jez, thanks so much for your reply. Recycled paper invitations are fine to send, but we look at it more from the other side - that the people receiving them might not be as sustainably minded as us - in which case the invitation and the envelope will probably end up in the bin - defeating the whole purpose. We’re also a little tired of chasing up RSVPs across text messages, whatsapp, facebook, and scattered emails.

We found a website over the weekend called Mini-Epic that does customised video invitations and collects all the replies for you, so we’ve gone for that this time round.

Party Bags is another issue we faced in the past but we generally steered clear of them and gave the kids a book or similar. Not so popular with the kids but the parents thought it was a great idea and it’s kinda caught on.  Have you found any sustainable party bags?

I have made small fabric bags, for party bags, in the past.  I didn’t buy any fabric but used up scraps I had in the house.  I think you can buy small fabric bags for that purpose too!

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