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Hi, I am thinking of buying an art/craft subscription for my very nearly 9 year old daughter - I read an article about American companies that do this. I have done a bit of research and  quite like the look of Letterbox Lab but wondered if anyone has any advice or recommendations from your own experiences? 


x we had a freebie sample of this one, but is too young for your daughter. To be honest, it did seem very basic for the money (bit of imagination, a well stocked arty cupboard and Pinterest etc would do the job). But for a present it might be nice.

Thanks for the suggestion moggy, I did come across Toucan Box but agree it looked a bit too young for my daughter.

In the end I went for Letterbox Lab’s Investigate box which fits through the letterbox (given its name, it should!).

It’s really nicely organised and packaged and even (luckily) arrived on her actual birthday.

So far we have made some squirmy worms by combining 2 different (safe!) chemical solutions. The instructions are just the right balance of instructions and science information. She is loving it!

I recommend to anyone with children of this age as a great gift and a refreshing change from the norm. x

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