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Francine here, first time poster to this lovely forum!

I’m in the middle of a revamp in my life, and I want to start becoming more eco-friendly.

I’ve made a lot of changes so far, but I want to start making some bigger changes - starting in my kitchen!

Does anyone have any recommendations for an eco-friendly washing machine? I know none of them are particularly great, but I would rather have a better one?

Thanks for your help! And great to e-meet you all!


HI, welcome to the forum. I think with an ‘eco friendly’ washing machine you need to look out for one that has energy saving features such as an ‘eco mode’ or low temperature wash cycle. At the end of the day you want to be consuming less energy and water for it to have a low impact on the environment. Alternatively there are hand operated ones which might not be suitable for a family load of washing but for small loads would make great savings.

PS We have a Samsung Ecobubble which is great and has been going for a long time with no troubles.


Thanks for letting me know, this is super helpful!

I’ve been looking at that Eco Bubble, and I think I found it it seems like a good deal!

Thanks for the suggestion Jez!

Hello and welcome to the forum grin

I can’t help with regards to makes and models, but another green option to think about it buying a refurbished machine….so many white goods end up in landfill unnecessarily, whereas there are organisations around here, and in most places I think, that will take in machines where perhaps one of the components have gone, and refurbish them till they are as good as new. You also get a guarantee with them.

And likewise, if you are looking to get rid of a machine passing your old one on to one of these companies.


Hi and welcome to the forum!

We have a Bosch Vario Perfect.  It uses very little water, but I don’t know if it has the best Eco credentials.  We have had it for three and half years and it seems to be a good machine.

Prior to that we had a machine that lasted for fourteen years we bought it from a small local shop as it wasn’t possible to buy them online then.  When we needed a new one I turned to the web to do some research.  After two days I was so overwhelmed that I went back to my small local shop and bought from them.  Supporting a local shop and buying locally is important to me.

The old machine we stripped down and sold or reused every single part.  Nothing went to landfill.

I really like the idea of buying local too sustainablemum, we are losing too many independent shops.

These are amazing tips! Thanks everyone, you’ve been incredibly helpful!

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