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Does anyone have any recommendations for quality probiotic supplements for children (age 11 &  9)?

Or is it enough to ensure they get probiotic foods as part of their daily diet from things like live yoghurts?

I have started taking bio-kult daily as well as trying to up my intake of keffir and I just wonder if I should be increasing the amount of probiotics the children get too. There is so much talk of the huge influence of the gut microbiome and I want to try to do the best and right thing for all our health. 

Any tips or ideas very welcome! 



I am always a little wary of supplements.  I know that they can do you good but it is the extra ingredients that make me hesitant.  I don’t suppose a probiotic would have it in, but so many supplements aimed at children have sugar or sweeteners in which is really frustrating.

We all eat plenty of home made fermented food which has the best kind of probiotics in, from what I have read.

Home made milk kefir is much more potent than probiotic supplements, with over fifty strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts…and much cheaper too!  You probably know this already, but start slow with milk kefir for children - half a teaspoon a day and gradually build up. Prebiotics are also important - that is something that I am more likely to supplement with.

Thanks for the ideas. I am not a great fan of supplements in general either because of the unnecessary additives that are so often put in. I am going to focus on adding more prebiotic and probiotic foods as suggested, not sure what the children will make of sauerkraut but it will be fun to experiment. x

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