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My 5 yrs old daugther just have been diagnosed with celiac. I would like to give her nice gluten free treats so she feels less limited. Any good ideas for cool gluten free snacks?

So sorry about your daughter’s diagnosis. My son is T1 diabetic, so we’re super carb-aware, so there’s some crossover. If we’re doing low-carbs, we go for pieces of cheese, cucumber/carrot sticks, frozen berries, celery dipped in yoghurt, hardboiled eggs, toasted pumpkin seeds and nuts – I’m pretty sure all of those are gluten free, but you’ll have to double check.

You’re OK with carbs, so could go for frozen orange slices, frozen Frubes too.

If you’re looking for snacks you can pick up in the shops, Pom Bear crisps are gluten free!

I recently discovered Fruitickles which is like a fruity gummy but gluten free, no added sugar, no artificial colours or flavours. It’s great cause packed in a capsule with Disney characters, so my DS does not feel left out when other kids are eating candies with the current favourite cartoons.

I am sorry to hear that your daughter has been diagnosed with celiac, although a relief if she has been ill it must be hard for you as a mama.

I guess it depends on your definition of treats…....most crisps will still be ok, especially if you buy the more expensive, better tasting ones like kettle chips (you can usually find cheaper own brand ones that taste the same), veg sticks with dips such as hummus, really easy to make your own if you are worried about ingredients, I make a dip with cream cheese, yogurt and chives which is yummy and doesn’t last long round here wink.  Fruit leather such as yo yos, again you can make your own if you are inclined.

Thank you very much for all these ideas! I have the feeling that it is going to be an interesting journey exploring all the possibilities!

Freebird where can I find this Fruitickles?

Sustainablemum which private label brand do you think is the best replacement for “kettle chips”?

Hi Charlotte80 we have tried Sainsburys and Aldi’s and love them both!

You can get Fruitickles in most supermarkets. In Tesco, ASDA and Sainsburys I think I saw them

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