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I love to read before I go to sleep.  It relaxes me (provided the book is not too exciting!) and is about the only time of day I get to read.  My local library have a fantastic free resource where you can borrow Ebooks and audiobooks.  I have listened to lots of audiobooks through it but I never get round to reading the Ebooks I borrow.  I am reluctant to use a device at night before going to sleep as I find it makes it harder to get to sleep but I wondered if I changed the settings to reduce the glare and if I was reading a book rather than surfing the web it might not make any difference.

Does anyone use an e-reader in the evening?  Does it effect your sleep?

Our library does this too but I find the books are not so good on there, but then I’ve mostly only looked at children’s audiobooks. I keep forgetting to go back and look again….I don’t have any advice as I’ve never tried an e-reader, I can’t bring myself to, it’s all about the paper here wink xx

I agree about the children’s audio books on our version too.  We love them for car journeys but they are not as good as the adult books on offer.

I hear you on the paper books, I much prefer them. I really want to go travelling with my children in the next few years and know that using an e reader will be much easier than carting around lots of books, I want to ease myself in gently rather than it being an all too different experience!

Wow - your travel plans sounds exciting!

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