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I am setting up a seasonal crafting group and I have a few ideas of things to make/do but need some more.  It is going to once a month with an age range of 3 to 8.  I want to offer crafts that they can do themselves as much as possible, with little adult help.  Any suggestions most welcome!

Do you have any favourite websites where you go to get inspired or if you use Pinterest boards/people who inspire you?

I use pinterest for new seasonal ideas. It always gives me the inspiration I need to get crafting more or if I’m just stuck for an idea Sure you will find plenty of ideas for you group there. Sounds lovely.

I like the ideas at
_ is great for sensory stuff 

And is brilliant for when you need loads and loads of suggestions for things to do! 

Thank you they all look great.  I love the Mother Natured website, not come across that one before it looks like a great site with loads of interesting ideas.

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