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The nights are drawing in and the days are getting cooler, it is most definitely soup time of year.  What are your favourite soup recipes?

I make a lovely leek and potato soup (if I do say so myself!) from an old Gaia’s Kitchen recipe book. I make it without thinking now I’ve made it sooo many times, it’s got a couple of pots, one leek, a stalk of celery, one onion, some bouillon and sprig of parsley, but the secret ingedient is a teaspoon of Dijon mustard stirred in  (and a bit of double cream if you happen to have some).

Oooh we love leek and potato soup but I had never thought to put mustard in it!  We love mustard too.  I definitely going to try it next time I make it.

I adore soup & homemade bread (lots of it)
My favourite at the moment is broccoli & Stilton or cauliflower & stilton
It’s strong but warms you up !

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

Ooh soup time! I love the sound of mustard in leek and potato….I usually add rosemary to ours but I’m going to try this next time. A regular is minestrone here because we always have the ingredients in, most of which are from the store cupboard, so it’s a handy one. I also love celeriac but we didn’t grow any this year, and I do love parsnip and apple. Ooh broccoli and stilton here too though ds wont eat that one. Red pepper, colli and goats cheese is a nice combo too. And anything spicy/coconutty/lentilly goes down well. Ok, I’m walking away now…...

What do you put in your minestrone soup, dandelion and daisy, I haven’t had that for years.  I had also forgotten about celeriac soup I love that too but haven’t made it in a while.  Cauli or broccoli with stilton sounds yummy haven’t tried that before will definitely add that to the list!

Lately we have been enjoying, roasted squash and coconut, sweet potato and miso and spicy cabbage soups.

The minestrone is this one: Though, like any soup, I play around with it, I don’t usually add baked beans but whatever I have in. The broken up spaghetti is great in it though, I never buy special soup pasta now grin

Brilliant!  Thanks for the link smile

We love this one: but will definitely be trying the minestrone and pumpkin recipes on this thread, they sound lovely!

Hey, please check my favorite site with recipes, 100 Best Soup Recipes - , you can find a bunch of them here! :)

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