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There are lots of things I love about this forum, so many wonderful ideas shared between likeminded souls.  Recently dandelion and daisy recommended a couple of books she had just read.  I thought they sounded good too, so I have just read one of them and was bowled away by it, The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro.

The author has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, so if you haven’t read any of his books I would give one a try.  I really want to read some of his other books now.

Any more suggestions of good books to read next?

I’m so glad you enjoyed The Buried Giant, wasn’t it so beautiful?

I’ve really enjoyed Kate Atkinson recently, I recommend Life After Life and then A God in Ruins (in that order). They are beautiful and poetic also. The ending of A God in Ruins had me stunned for days, I still think about it.

I also really love Karen Maitland, a totally different style, but atmospheric, dark and gritty. I recommend The Raven’s Head, and Falcon’s of Fire and Ice.

I’ve just (finally) read Go Set a Watchman, I can’t say I enjoyed it but it has made me enjoy Mockingbird even more. And I’m glad I have finally read it now. I also have another Tracy Chevalier to read, I really enjoyed The Lady and the Unicorn, though I find she can be hit and miss for me. The book I have lined up next is Remarkable Creatures.

Have you read the Snow Child? I return to that every year, one of my ultimate favourite books…...


dandylionanddaisy - hello! - I absolutely love Karen Maitland too smile
I have just read ‘stchum’ which was brilliant and ‘The Fifth Wave’ which is a teen fiction / YA book about alien invasion.  I also loved ‘The Host’ Stephanie Mayer earlier this year; which surprised me as I couldn’t get into the Twilight books even though I do admit i loved the films :0

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