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My ds will be thirteen in a few weeks time.  For the first time in his life he has no suggestions for what he would like for his birthday.

I thought maybe buying him an experience, but not sure what?  He is not keen on heights, loves Archery, drawing and reading.  

Or something to get him started on computer programming as he has shown an interest in that recently.  Any suggestions on this, as I have no idea where he should start?

Or any other suggestions?

Wow, 13! DS’s friend has a 13 year old brother, he sounds very much like your son. He likes the Lego mindstorms set and makes amazing things with it. A special edition of a favourite book? An experience sounds lovely too xx

Classes- archery, art… I have seen bow-making courses (archery bows, long bows), my nearly 13yo would love that. Whittling knife… Swedish fire steel… good quality art materials.

Techy kids of my acquaintance love their Raspberry Pi mini computers – you can do so much with one! There are other ideas for techy toys at Brightminds

Thank you so much, some fantastic suggestions!

My son also likes drawing and computers and for Christmas we have bought him an artist’s stylus and he can get an artist’s app. Procreate has been recommended to me but I’ll let him decide as he knows more than I do! He’s also getting a microbit and inventors kit which, again, I know NOTHING about but it had been recommended to us. We’re also planning on getting him a whittling knife for his birthday in the spring.

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