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ive got a nearly 5 month old baby and he is really struggling with his teeth. I was looking into getting him and amber teething bracelet but can only find necklaces. I looked on myriad and again only necklaces. Does anyone know of a good, reliable seller? I’m at a loss as to what I can do for him!

Thank you all in advance!

Hi there, do teething bracelts but they are not amber, you could also try and Amber was really helpful for my youngest, she even wore her necklace right up to her early teens.
Hope this helps

Thank you very much! I’ll take a look. He’s not normally a grouchy baby, but the last couple of days he’s so upset and really clingy. I’ve never known a baby dribble so much.

:-D sounds exactly like my daughter, I seem to remember constantly changing her tops due to dribbling!

I do not know if they have an amber teething bracelet, but they offer a very large assortment of choices I bought an amber in this store and stayed very satisfied with the quality and service. They use the highest quality amber from the Baltic Sea. It’s a creator who pays great attention to quality, silhouette, and creative process. I highly recommend it.

Please always follow the safety and user guidelines if you use Baltic amber for teething babies.
There’s lots of information here at Love Amber x UK about safety and how not to get ripped off. It is a UK store and UK regulated for safety. Please be careful x

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