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It’s was a wild and windy day here yesterday which sadly blew most of the leaves from the trees. I say sadly as few had started to change colour so we are not going get much of a display of wonderful Autumn colour. The temperatures however seem to much warmer during the day than I would expect for this time of year.

What does Autumn look like around you?

ooh no! that’s terrible, was pretty crazy wind yesterday. Still green/yellow display round here in East Sussex, the oaks are always the last to lose their leaves into late November. I love Autumn its my favourite season…until spring comes around :-D

We were at the park earlier in the week and the trees were beautiful, but it was really windy here yesterday too and feels much colder today.

Pretty much the same here, the leaves are starting to change but we went for a walk the other day and noticed so many had fallen without us getting to enjoy their splendour first….we’ve had pretty much constant rain since the beginning of September, so I think Autumn is going to be a washout here. We are ‘making’ autumn inside, lots of autumn decorations out, making lanterns and rolling candles and the like grin

The leaves are starting to wither here, but it’s still beautiful in the woods. Meanwhile, the sea is still warm enough to paddle in! We dared to dip last weekend…

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