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I was listening to part of an interesting series on the radio, a week or so ago, one which had identified 50 objects that made the modern economy.  One of those was plastic, which started with the creation of Bakelite.  Apparently 8% of worlds oil production is used to make plastic.  Rather than thinking this was amazing as I am sure one was meant to, I found it all rather depressing. Our dependence on plastic particularly in relation to food is worrying to me.  I wish I could reduce more plastic from our lives but it is so difficult.

What are your thoughts on plastic?

I try in small ways to cut down on our plastic consumption and to make a stand where possible. Yes, I embarrass my kids by pulling off unnecessary packaging and taking it to customer services in supermarkets, and by asking pubs if they really need to give everyone straws if they don’t ask for them. Small things, but I think worth it.

I feel pretty powerless where plastic is concerned, there is just so much of it and until the supermarkets start embracing alternative packaging methods then the mountain is just going to keep growing. After doing a shop I’ve already put loads into the recycling and bin (cos it can’t be recycled) before I’ve even eaten anything :-( I think the government need to start taxing it heavily to make natural biodegradable options more attractive.

I have started buying my veg and fruit from a shop where it is all organic and therefore not wrapped in plastic, they have paper bags for more delicate items.  I am lucky that I can buy this locally as I know not everyone has this near to them.

I agree with a tax on packaging, Jez that sounds like a good idea.  Supermarkets don’t seem to be doing anything about it voluntarily.  Did I hear recently that there is talk of introducing a deposit on plastic bottles?

There is a petition to lobby government to get a deposit added to plastic bottles, you can find it here

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