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I suspect my children have got nits from school. In fact I think the whole family has them! I am reluctant to buy the horrible and no doubt chemical laden shampoo that you can buy from mainstream chemists. As these work by effectively suffocating the nits, I am wondering if there is a more natural alternative which does the same thing, such as using coconut oil or similar? 

Any advice or recommendations appreciated, albeit quite urgently. 

Sorry to post about something that will make anyone reading itch! xx

Nitty Gritty Nit Comb is the best comb, use with normal conditioner. But you have to be very thorough with the combing and repeat as directed. I hope you get rid of them!

Ohhh yes! I wrote a little piece about this for TGP earlier this year. As I recall, the top tips were: keep your kids’ hair in ponytails or plaits at school or when they’re around other children. Put some tea tree oil in your usual shampoo to keep them at bay. If you’ve got an infestation, slather conditioner or coconut oil on your kids hair and use a Nitty Gritty comb to pull out the bugs. I was shocked the first time my twins got nits, but am a little more used to it now. Don’t tell anyone, but I find it kind of satisfying pulling them out of Arthur and Dusty’s hair and rinsing them off into a bowl of hot water.

I would also recommend the nitty gritty comb wink

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