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I honestly can’t remember the last time I washed my floors. We have carpets upstairs which get hoovered regularly but downstairs we have replaced all the carpets now with tiles or wood which need washing.  When it was just one room I did with a cloth by hand but as the area has expanded I have done this less and less as the area has increased.  So maybe I need a mop?  Do you use one? Which one?

I used to use a mop many moons ago but I could never find anywhere to put it and it took up so much space with a bucket and all. As long as you don’t have a light coloured floor I think you can get away with the odd wipe over with a cloth…there I’ve saved you a lot of work :-D

I have hard floors throughout downstairs and use a Vileda mop- a stick and flat swivel head which you put a washable Vileda fabric rectangle on. I find it the best for me as the handle lasts for years, and hangs up to store. The washable bit I just rinse and wring in the sink so no bucket needed. Then I bung it in the washing machine and it also lasts for a long time (I bought a couple of the fabric bits as replacements for future, in case they change the design and stop the shape/size I have!). More hygienic then the old shaggy-dog type of mop that just sits there breeding germs!

Thank you Moggy that sounds just what I need!  Storing a bucket and mop was one of the reasons I have never had one before.  We now have a storage space for a broom which could also house a mop handle too, it’s underneath our kitchen cabinets stored lying down!  It’s accessed via a small wooden shelf which is held in place by magnets smile.

Yes, similar here, could never find a place to keep a mop and bucket, and I never liked the germ factor either. I borrowed my MIL’s steam cleaner recently and that was very effective, otherwise, it’s a hand-brush/cloth on my hands and knees wink

I have a white yes white !! tiled kitchen floor ! It is a nightmare to keep clean so I use just a good old fashioned mop and bucket to clean it, nearly every day I may add and then leave the bucket outside for storage.

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