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Welcome November! 

I hope everyone had a lovely Bonfire Weekend grin We celebrated at the beach with family, we took flasks of soup and hot sausages and lovely, sticky Parkin and watched our local firework display in the freezing cold! 

Today, I’ve been making plans for the rest of November, it always feels so festive and I want to celebrate that, but not encroach onto Christmas festivities. Here is a list of activities I came up with for the rest of the month: 

*Make epsom salt lanterns_*Hot chocolate recipes (I pinched that one from an old ‘five things to do this weekend’ feature wink )
*Stories by candlelight before bed
*Make white Waldorf window stars
*Winter tree art
*Make a glitter star garland_*Make galaxy playdough
*Tin foil constellations_ *Torchlight constellations
*Play with coloured cellophane and torches
*Make a shadow puppet theatre

I’d love to hear what you have planned this month! 


This is such a lovely list! Here’s what I’d love to do with my lot this month
Make our own indoor fireworks
Learn to use a flint firelighter
Gather chestnuts to roast
Tell ghost stories round the fire
Start making Christmas presents (I know that’s getting ahead of myself, but I’ll just call them ‘crafts’ and stash them quietly in a box for next month) 

They sound lovely plans…off to search for indoor fireworks now, I’ve not heard of them before! The chestnuts don’t grow too well around here, we just get skinny little things, I envy you!

What a lovely idea, I love your list.  I have not been well this last week, a wake up call, I think, that I have been doing too much. 

So November for me is a going to a month for going gently and doing a lot less. 

For quiet time at home wherever possible, reading, knitting and enjoying our fire.

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