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We are having a quiet weekend this week, I need to go food shopping and to the library, and visit my parents. It’s film night tonight, though we haven’t decided what we’re watching yet. We picked up Coraline in the charity shop this week so I’m hoping for that! 

We’re in the middle of making a shadow puppet theatre, so we may do some more work on that, but otherwise our weekend will be filled with Lego play, board games, books and I daresay some hot chocolate. DS wants to sort his book shelf alphabetically, so I will help him with that too, a nod towards his current desire to be a librarian wink 

Oh, and I read we are due frost tomorrow night so we will be laying out some trays of water to make ice mobiles and sculptures.

How about you? Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend…..


Sounds lovely and strangely similar… I picked up Coraline last week and looking forward to watching too. DD is currently reading it though so I will just have to wait until she has finished:)

We have just finished a late lazy breakfast planning our day and I thought I would have a look at GP for inspiration. The kids are working on a Lego project together at the mo and shortly we are off for a swim then lunch at a favourite cafe with Grandma.
I have a food shop to do and then back home. Its very drizzly here today and there is a mountain of washing to dry so think I will be lighting the fire early…any excuse ;-)

We are currently decorating our new home and I really would like to get as much done as we can before December so I really need to get on with some of that but also would just like to spend some time crafting. So I think I will just make sure I do a little of both this weekend and then I won’t feel guilty or left out! I’ve just seen and shown the article on branch weaving and my 2 think that is a fab idea so we’ll off to the woods later to chose some branches I think.

Tomorrow dd has Brownies remembrance service to attend then we will be back home for sunday lunch, out for walk and hopefully a cosy evening in.

I really would like is to get back to knitting. I have been wanting to for ages and never seem to make time to do it so last week I picked up some lovely gorgeously dyed natural wools to encourage me to get back to it. Fingers crossed maybe this will be the weekend I pick up my needles.

Have a lovely weekend xx

I would love to make a shadow puppet theatre, that is one of my plans for the New Year.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We were all resting here and celebrating a thirteenth birthday (still cant quite get my head around that one)

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