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Feeling pretty lost. My DS simply won’t sleep. has two naps a day and wakes up at 35mins on the dot for both. I try to resettle but no joy.  then at night he sleeps from 7ish until 5.30 and again I can’t get him back to sleep  (he also has feed at 11pm). he is my 3rd child and I never had this with the other two. I am loath to ‘cry it out’ but we simply  cannot carry on like this. he is waking us all up and my 8 and 5 year olds need more sleep plus during the day I cannot get anything done and that’s affecting my mood and general mental health.  I think he just simply can’t settle himself and I have no clue how to encourage him to do so! I would be so grateful for any tips or advice please. he is BF and eating solids a bit… he started solids around 8 months as was cutting 6 teeth between 6-7 months.  he sleeps in with us.  thank you in advance…

It sounds like you are in a hard place right now, not getting enough sleep is tough.  He sounds so much like my youngest at that age and I really struggled with the lack of sleep too.  The only way I found to get things done was to wear her in a sling all the time, I don’t know how practical this would be for you.  I found that she slept more (in short bursts) in the sling than being put down to sleep too.  At night she woke more often at 10 months, but she would also be awake from 5.30am each morning ready to start the day!  I started settling her to bed later, slowly at first by 10 - 15 minutes each day until she was going to bed some time between 8 - 8.30pm, she would then wake around 6.30am.  Now she is older I have realised that she needs less sleep than her older brother and 10 hours at night (with feeds) was all she needed even at such a young age.  If he is happy and content through the day when he is awake maybe he is the same?  If not could it be that he is hungry?  Is it possible to feed him more solids in the evening maybe?  Or is he not that interested? 

I hope you find a way for you all to get more sleep.

Waking at 5.30am and 35 minute naps are classic ‘overtired’ symptoms. My thoughts would be to put him down for his first nap earlier, which should help him get a longer nap as he will be less wired.  Also, if he has two very short naps, give him an earlier bedtime - say 6pm - to help him catch up.  An earlier night does not mean they will wake up earlier, rather it just helps them catch up and then they often sleep later in the morning.  Is he settling to sleep by you feeding him?  If so, it may be that he cannot resettle if he wakes.  Have you looked at the ‘No cry sleep solution’?

What time are you putting him down for his naps?  

Bless you. As if it’s not tough enough, having a third child, but you have one who is very active! This will be a quickie response as need to get my girls’ bits ready for school- but you’re not alone. My middle daughter always had trouble with napping and sleeping and it absolutely did my head in, googling tactics to try to help her sleep for longer (nothing worked!). The best thing I can suggest is ride with it and you may find that his waking times shift after a period. Fresh air and plenty of food and exercise are also great at exhausting little bodies but can also make them overtired and wired. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but my middle child is now six and still is a terrible sleeper (early waker, can’t switch off at night - one night was awake until just before 5am!) but we think there could be other factors involved with her as her personality and traits suggest something is different from her sisters. Please try to take a break when you can. Be kind to yourself. Wish I could give you a hug to tell you how great you’re doing and that it will all get better soon. Please try not to let it overwhelm you and make time to enjoy this extra time together, even if he does just get scooped out of his cot and put into your bed where you nap. We frequently ‘give in’ and co-sleep with two of our three littlies. It’s the only way to get sleep ourselves, it seems!  XXX

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