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Please?!?! It’s not too early now!

I always loved reading the posts about how everyone was preparing for the festive season, what people were crafting and making and doing…..

This year I am making DS a Dr Who scarf (the one worn by Tom Baker). I am about half way through, though have stopped to work on something else right now. It’s very easy, lots of soothing rows of stocking stitch, but although he knows I am making it (it will be from me rather than Santa), I do want it to be a surprise on Christmas morning, so I’m reduced to knitting it after he is asleep. 

That’s about all I am making this year, though I might dash some socks off the needles if there’s time once I’m finished. 

For grandparents we are making photo calendars as I got fed up with spending so much time making things for them to not be appreciated or used, so at least this will be both. We will make some handmade chocolates nearer to Christmas to go with. 

We are making journals for friends, with a little something personal to each person to go with, something knitted, something wooden (DH’s area), something edible. 

It feels pared down this year, so many years have passed where I’ve been in a frenzy of making gifts. This year, most of DS’ gifts are being bought, but they are simple and beautiful and exactly what he will love. He loves books (especially Dickens) so I have made a few rare solitary trips around charity shops, collecting lovely editions of books I think he will love (he doesn’t much go in for new books, he likes the old, leather bound type). He is also getting a couple of new board games for his collection, and Pokemon cards. 

DS wants to make a Christmas pudding this year, and mincemeat. DH doesn’t like anything with dried fruit in, so we’ve never made a pudding before as I’ll be left to eat it all! And I usually cheat and jazz up a store bought jar of mincemeat to make our pies, which I will probably do again this year  ;-) 

How about you, I’d love to hear what you are all making? Do you have any lovely festive recipes to share? xxx

Wow what a great idea to knit a Tom Baker scarf (can you knit me one too?), just starting to think about crafting ideas, I usually make cards every year which takes sooo much time but is worth it and they are appreciated, I made origami stars out of copied music paper and stuck them on black card which looked great. Will probably make some booze for friends, (Hawthorn Gin in The Green Parent gift guide this year looks lovely and will definitely get used).


We always make our Christmas cards too, I have done it for years (over twenty - eeek).  This year we are doing a fingerprint design again with a touch of doodling to make it look like a set of fairy lights.

I have made a vest for my youngest nephew and I am knitting hats for another four nephews, the fifth will get a book.

Probably not going to make anything for ds all his presents will be bought,  for dd I am hoping to knit a cardigan although that might be ambitious…....we are going away for the week before Christmas and have an eight hour drive = lots of knitting time!  I am also going to make her some felt hairslides.

I usually make something for friends, a small sewn gift but haven’t worked out what that will be yet…...

I love Christmas but am always so aware of the sadness that it brings too, loneliness, homelessness etc , I feel so blessed that my family are happy, well, warm and fed.

I love the ‘making’ part of Christmas too, we always make fresh wreaths for the doors and wire apples, orange slices, and hundreds of berries into them, oh and the cinnamon sticks for that wonderful smell.

Christmas cake is a must and DH makes this religiously.

Cards again I love to do as they have so much more meaning.

I am going to quickly attempt a couple of hats (the thought is there at least, if not the skill) !!

Whatever you are making this year…..............Enjoy it xx

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

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