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What do you put in older kids stockings?

DS doesn’t have a very big stocking so I don’t have to find a lot. We always put a satsuma in the bottom but I’m struggling to think of things to fill it with this year. 

I managed to pick up a couple of lego minifigure packs with some vouchers I had, and as he is obsessed with mini figures he will love those. 

There’s usually socks, and I’ve also got some sticker packs for his album but they are small and wont take up much room so I could do with some bulky things. 

What else could I put in (as cheap as possible, but useful stuff)? Stockings are from santa so it cant be homemade. 

TIA xx

Mine are not from Santa so do include home made.  Ds is getting a DVD, a rubber, a set of skin tone colouring pencils (he loves drawing so always get something related to that), a hairbrush (he is growing his hair long, so needs brushing now wink), and a book about computer coding.

Dd is also getting a DVD (both will be Studio Ghibli as they are loving their films right now), a small colouring book from Myriad, homemade felt hairslides and a book - not decided what yet.

Tiger has a nice selection of useful but lovely stuff – pens, notepads, little piggy banks as well as silly, fun things like crazy straw glasses, piggy banks and build-your-own robots. My two are a little younger, so I’m including things like practical jokes, wire puzzles, and teeny craft kits and mini games (from Tiger again). How about gloves/bath stuff/chocolate sprouts or coins/pencil cases/hand warmers/lego tape for keeping his figures safe?

I’ve heard all about Tiger but we don’t have a shop close to us, the nearest is Liverpool or Birmingham I think, which is quite a trek. Those are lovely ideas though! I love your ideas too sustainablemum, I love putting together stockings as they are so personal, I especially like the book idea.

I went into town yesterday on a solo shopping trip and managed to pick up a few little bits from charity shops and elsewhere, and I’d forgotten I started the tradition of putting a chocolate orange in there, which takes up a big lot of room wink So it looks like this at the moment:

*headtorch (always have some sort of torch in there)
*Lovely little illustrated book about Winnie the Pooh ‘Poohsticks’
*lego minifigures
*stickers for his album
*Pokemon card pack
*Dr Who Audio CD
*Star Wars ‘AT AT’ figure
*A set of journals

I want to pick up some Christmas socks, and then I think it will be finished. I’m really pleased with it, it’s very ‘him’ grin

Hi D&D, Have you got time to knit a bobble hat or new scarf, rolled up this would bulk out quite a lot, or a little box of brownies or some other home made delight.  x

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

Hiya MyLegacy, I’m knitting DS a Tom Baker Dr Who scarf, but it’s for under the tree and he knows it’s from me not Santa. Stockings are from Santa here which is tricky now he is older and would instantly know if something was made by me!

Ah ok, I am going to have a little ‘Santa’ think for you .............

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

My mother-in-law introduced us to the idea that everyone gets a magazine in their stocking. There are some great children’s magazines, or my older children prefer a puzzle magazine. In our family everyone gets a stocking, so whoever is doing them gets an unusual magazine for each adult, anything from Smallholder to The Oldie to New Scientist to Astronomy Today. Many magazines do a Christmas special so they’re all packed with stuff this time of year, and most of us spend boxing day reading our own and each other’s magazines. And they do take up a good chunk of space along the leg of the stocking!

That’s a great idea elcat, we have a great independent store in Brighton called Magazine, I have some of the titles they sell on our bookshelves as they are all very beautifully presented and aesthetic (my daughters favourite new word!) so perfect for a present.
(edit) Shameless plug but I hear The Green Parent makes a great stocking filler! grin

What a good idea Elcat - that’s given me some inspiration.

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

That’s a great idea Elcat!  I think that would be a good present for dh smile

ohh this thread has given me some good ideas.

We have started a tradition of a packet of seeds in the stocking. usually flowers (sweet peas, cornflowers, sunflowers) but this year will be strawberry plant seeds.

Also I think we will add a bear yoyo or fruit leather. they won’t eat an orange, it’s considered a treat and I am happy it is fruit and not all chocolate!

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