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I am blessed to live just outside a small country village where there are no street lights and it gets properly dark at night, however I have noticed over the last few years that night-time displays of the cosmos have been less over the years and that’s probably due to light pollution. When I was a child I could clearly see the milky way most nights but now children will only be able to see this in books. I am craving to see a proper night sky, is that possible in the UK anymore?


I grew up in a town where it wasn’t easy to see the stars but they were OK, I never managed to see the Milky Way there but we did see when visiting my grandparents who lived in a small village.We should be able to see it where we live now but it is often too cloudy to see much, but on a clear night the stars are amazing.  There are dark sky parks in England the nearest to me is in Northumberland on Hadrians Wall and further north.  We go camping up there in the summer and the stars will blow you away, again provided it isn’t cloudy!  There is an amazing observatory at Kielder Water.There are also dark sky parks in Scotland too, one is Dumfries which is just over the border in Southern Scotland.  

You can find more info here 

We are so lucky – the stars are bright and clear in Hastings, and if you head out of town, they get even more beautiful. It’s one of the first things I noticed on moving from London (where we were lucky to be able to see the moon). The best I’ve seen the sky was from a plain in the Brecon Beacons in Wales – might be worth planning a trip? There are some ace ideas for places to see clear skies here 

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