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Hi, my first post so apologies if its in the wrong section.I will be home schooling my daughter, she is currently only 18 months so I am looking into which method would be best for us and doing my research.I like the idea of Wardolf and Montessori education, I wondered if I could combine parts of both as I HE? Could it work? Look forward to your opinion! 

Hi veganunicorn!  Welcome to the forum smile.

We home educate, my children are now 8.5 and 13 and have never been to school.  One of the wonderful things about home education is that you can be completely flexible.  I am a magpie when it comes to what we do, I take the bits I like out of curriculums I find and make them our own. 

I did nothing structured at all with my eldest until he was about 11, everything he learnt up until then was totally led by him.  Now we are a bit of both, he requested more input from me so I open up doors for him to show him what is out there and if wants to take things further than I have he can.  We are mainly Steiner with bits of Montessori (mostly Maths) and Charlotte Mason (art and music).  I started a bit of structure with my youngest about the same time as she really wanted to learn to read but couldn’t grasp it by herself.  Now most of what we do together revolves round that, reading stories together and then using that as the basis of further ‘work’ writing, drawing, modelling etc.

Although we have had little structure in previous years we have a had a rhythm to our week, since they were really small, doing the same thing on particular days each week, which we still do now.  The rhythm now is a balance of work and free play, time at home and time out at groups etc, it is a balance that I am constantly having to work on!

I think the most important thing is to be flexible and if something is not working stop trying it and come back to it when they are older or try a different approach.  It is hard work but incredibly rewarding wink

Thank you for your reply. I really like Waldorf for its imagination/creativity. Montessori for maths. I always struggled with maths so I might be wrong but this might be the better way to teach it?
Then I still have the national curriculum at the back of my mind. However I want my daughter to lead. I know I want her to know english/math/science but mainly everything child led.
My son (5) is at school, I struggle with the phonics its so different to how I was taught when I was a child. I would love to HE him but unfortunately my ex husband wont allow it.
I cant wait until I start with my daughter although I know she is learning through play now, I think its going to be a good experience for us both grin

You are welcome!  I am sorry to hear that you would like to home ed your elder child but are unable to, that must be so frustrating.  I am guessing that it is not something you are able to discuss and he would make things difficult for you if you were to home ed anyway?

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