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Does anyone find it frustrating when putting plastic in the recycling and then looking on the back of the packet to see wether it is actually recyclable and the label says “please check local recycling facilities”!!!!! Hang on let me just pick up the phone and give them a call to see if they will accept this bit of plastic aaarrgh! Rant over.

Yep it is a minefield it’s not suprising so many people don’t do it.  I think those words are a cop out by the producers as it puts the onus onto someone else.

I spent an hour on Friday cleaning up a beach in my county.  It was instigated by a friend of my dd who is 10.  She cleans up on the beach near her home every week and is passionate about keeping it clean.  Despite her regular visits we collected 10 full bags of waste, the majority of which was plastic.  We don’t live near a beach so I am not aware of how much gets dumped there by the sea, this was entirely rubbish from the sea, not rubbish left by people visiting the beach.

The more I understand about plastic, the more I hate it! Why has it taken Blue Planet to make people/supermarkets wake up about single use plastic???!! It’s been floating around in our oceans for years!! My rant over wink

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