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Hello readers,

I live in central East London and am hoping for recommendations for any hypnobirthing groups anyone has used?

I’d also love to meet fellow pregnant women as all my friends have had their babies, I’m a somewhat older mummy to be! I image once I start going to groups I will, but wondered if there’s any other opportunities? Friends and family are brilliant, but would love to meet other women going through the same experiences! 

Hi Kim,

I’m afraid I’m not local but the teacher I used was a Daisy teacher. You can find out more on their website (and locate the nearest class to you )

We used breathing, and breathing and movement to music, so not strictly speaking hypnobirthing but it’s along the same lines and requires less practice smile I found the age range in the group was varied, but mostly mums of 30+, you might find the same in your local area.

Hope you find a class you love soon!

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